Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm That Mom

We had three birthday parties last week. Three. How does that even happen? And what did I do to deserve that kind of torture? Just kidding. I actually enjoyed a couple of them. But being that I have three bambinos, under the age of 5, it's not easy to hit Target or Toys R Us without getting guilt-tripped into buying SOMETHING for them, as well as the birthday kids. I can barely afford the birthday gifts (especially when I have to buy THREE at a time!!), much less two more things for my kids. So....

I'm that Mom. The one that gives giftcards. To 4 year olds. 

Don't judge me. 

Gift cards are easy. AND! Wait a minute... When you think of it...they are brilliant. 

Chances are, the birthday kid is going to get a TON of gifts on party day. Weeks or months later, they will be tired of playing with said gifts and will most likely hit up mom or dad for something new and exciting to play. 

**(hear musical chimes)**
**(enter giftcard)**

Problem solved. 

You can thank me later =) 

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