Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mean Girls

As we near the end of Drake's first year at school, I find myself pondering something. You see, when I pictured him starting preschool, I imagined an influx of new friends. For him, and for me. This however, has not been the case. Which brings me to the topic at hand. Mean girls. We all know who they are. Heck, you may have been one of them. I think some thought I was the mean girl in high school and college. I really wasn't, but apparently I gave off the mean girl persona. Anyway. Drake's preschool is full of mean girls- or mean moms rather. There is one group of women that literally stand at the end of the corridor and chit-chat before and after school. They stand there with their workout gear and coffee in hand and chit-chat their day away. Never once do they smile back at the obligatory "good morning" smile that the rest of us give to each other every morning. Never once do they invite anyone into their little group to join in on the conversation. The kicker is, that one of the moms also spins with me 30 minutes after drop off...3 times a week. At the gym, she acts like she has no clue who I am (her daughter is in Drake's class!). This same mom is also the mom that doesn't bring her daughter to ANY of the classmates' birthday parties. And now that I'm really thinking about it, her daughter (albeit SUPER cute) is the only one that Drake NEVER plays with! He has never once come home and said, "I had fun playing with <insert name here>!" I'm over it. And I'm not taking it personally. But it brings me to my question. Do mean girls turn into mean moms? Or are mean moms the girls that got left out of the mean girls club in high school, so they feel like they have a duty to be mean in their adult life? And do the mean moms create mean little girls???