Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can I go to school?

As I saw all of the posts on Facebook yesterday about kids going back to school, I looked around at the chaos in my house and secretly wished that my kids were too headed off to school. Surely if Chatty Cathy Drake could talk for a couple of hours at school, he wouldn't need to talk so much at home-- right? And if Trey could burn off a few hours of energy on the playground (or wherever for that matter) he would sleep for longer than 8 hours a night...And if they were BOTH somewhere at the same time where I wasn't responsible for them, surely I could take a much needed pregnancy nap. And take a shower- uninterrupted. And maybe go to the grocery store...alone. That might be heavenly. Hmm... what else would I do? I might go to Target and just wander aimlessly. I used to LOVE to do that. Not so much anymore. Now I have to navigate the store just right as to not let little eyes see the toy or candy aisle. Going into an unknown Target is a nightmare. I never know where a toy or candy display may be lurking. 
But then, as we all settled into rest/nap time, and I looked down at my sweet (they are all sweet while resting) boys, I snapped out of my fantasy and realized that yes, things may be crazy busy right now and no, I may not get to sleep for the next 5 years, but hell. I get to spend time with my kids. Real time. Not, Hurry, do your homework before soccer/quick eat your dinner/don't forget to take a bath before bedtime, time. I'm going to relish in these moments. Because it all just goes too quick. I'll be clean and rested later in life =)